A modern alternative to traditional wired braces:

Up until fairly recently, the most popular technique used to straighten misaligned teeth was through the use of fixed or removable wired braces. Although quite effective, these old fashioned braces were neither aesthetically pleasing or comfortable to wear.

Fortunately there is now a much more patient friendly system, often referred to as invisible braces or aligners.

The main advantages of invisible braces when compared to traditional braces are:

  • they are far more aesthetically pleasing - as their name suggests they are nearly invisible unless viewed very close up. This is one of the main reasons that adults are also turning to invisible braces - the treatment is not just for children
  • they are far more comfortable - there is no harsh wiring and none of the chafing and rubbing associated with wired braces
  • they are easy to remove for cleaning

The Invisalign treatment process

The treatment process is painless and begins with our dentist making a detailed impression of your teeth and then using this to calculate exactly how the teeth need to be re-aligned. Next, a set of clear aligners are specially manufactured which are designed to progressively push the teeth into the desired position. Every couple of weeks you will be asked to attend the practice to check progress and to have the next aligner fitted. Once the process is complete, a retaining device which is typically worn at night may be needed to ensure that the teeth do not move back to their original position.

The process can take several months in children where teeth are still developing and easier to re-align whereas this can sometimes take longer in mature adults.

If you are looking for invisible braces in Derby, please contact us for a personalised consultation.

Specialist Orthodontist services

We are also pleased to offer the services of a specialist Orthodontist amongst our team. Where teeth straightening cases are more complex, our orthodontist offers a variety of treatments to help.

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