Facial Aesthetics

We are all aware that our successful healthy lifestyles are leading towards ever- increasing ageing population. Although our youthful minds are craving the independent carefree life we once had, our skin can show the lines of time that have passed by. 

Here at Darren Bywater Dental Care, we are able to help create that youthful look you once had to match the lifestyle you are now enjoying. 

Our accredited Juvederm Clinicians have trained with ORIS Medical at the Royal College of General Practitioners. Unlike many providers we use genuine allergan botox juvederm and dermal fillers. We carry out a free initial consultation that will include pre and post photographs. 

Call our Practice on 01332 550926 to book a free facial consultation. 

Anti-wrinkle reduction from £170

Dermal filler from £200


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