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Darren Bywater Dental Care has years of experience providing high quality dentures for patients who prefer traditional but effective smile restoration.

Modern dentistry has come so far that we can now replace the entire tooth, including the root, with innovative treatments like dental implants. However, dentures are still a very effective treatment for patients who want to restore missing teeth. The most recent improvements in denture treatments mean that you can have secure, comfortable, well-fitted dentures that look and function so naturally that others will not be able to tell you have dentures at all.

Our local Derby dental surgery is incredibly proud of the denture fitting and production process we provide, helping patients restore their smile and the confidence that goes with these excellent treatment results.


Replacing Missing Teeth To Protect Your Whole Smile

Patients may feel that leaving missing teeth as they are is the best option, particularly if the gaps are placed towards the back. However, this approach can be incredibly problematic moving forward, leading to various dental issues as a result.

The potential consequences of leaving missing teeth alone include:

  • Natural teeth can move and shift causing crooked teeth
  • Tooth decay and gum disease can become more of a risk with crooked teeth
  • Jawbone loss will eventually occur when teeth are missing, although this will still happen with dentures unless they are supported by implants
  • You may experience pain in your jaw as your bite changes because your teeth are shifting
  • You may speak differently
  • You may find that eating is more difficult
  • Your smile aesthetic is likely to be affected

It is really important to replace missing teeth and high-quality dentures from our Derby clinic can replace one tooth or several depending on your needs.

How Dentures Can Benefit You

Modern dentures are comfortable and secure, as well as being extremely natural-looking. Following a denture treatment with us, your smile could improve dramatically, taking years off your appearance and hopefully improving your confidence too. When you come to Darren Bywater Dental Care for dentures you can expect benefits such as:

  • A Great Fit - We use a very detailed process to fit your dentures with precision, for optimum comfort.
  • Attention To Your Bite - We pay attention to your denture fitting to ensure your bite is perfect with the eventual result. This stops your dentures being less secure, and makes your dentures even more comfortable and functional.
  • Beautiful Aesthetics - Our latest denture treatments are refined to ensure the teeth you are left with look just like real teeth or usually, better.
  • Anti-ageing effects - The denture treatment we provide does enhance your smile, but it also enhances your entire aesthetic because it helps restores the structure of the face.
  • Confidence-boosting - Missing teeth or dentures that are not fitted properly can deplete confidence, and by providing high-quality tooth restoration and excellent fitting, we can restore your smile, and hopefully your confidence too!

Different Types Of Dentures

At our professional clinic we offer various denture types to suit your individual needs. We currently offer:

  • Complete Dentures - To replace entire arches of teeth.
  • Partial Dentures - To replace one or a few missing teeth.
  • Same Day Dentures - Provided as an emergency treatment when a tooth has been knocked out or extracted and you wish to maintain a complete smile.
  • Implant-retained Dentures - For complete dental restoration to maintain the integrity of the jaw bone, and to provide the most secure dentures available.


Which treatment is right for you depends on your budget, needs, expectations and current oral health status. We offer a detailed consultation to ensure that our patients get all the information they need to make an informed decision about their treatment choices.

The Denture Fitting Process

We can offer dentures within 24 hours in some scenarios for the ultimate in convenient dental restoration. We have an exceptional process for dentures using a skilled team and advanced tools and technology which means our patients have optimum choice when it comes to their denture fitting process. We can provide you with more information about this when you call to book your consultation.

Dental Implants, Implant Retained Bridges And Dentures

The main alternatives to dentures are implant retained treatments that replace both the missing teeth and the root underneath the gum. We do this using something called a dental implant which is placed into the jawbone, and left to heal for around 3 months. Once it has healed it becomes part of your body and provides a secure anchor for bridges, dentures or dental implants. There are lots of different options with implants, including individual implants to replace each tooth, and very cost-effective options where up to six implants hold a bridge or dentures that are secured in place via a screw or clip. Visually, implant dental restoration treatments look incredibly natural, but they also feel exceptionally natural and are designed to last a lifetime with the right maintenance.

We are incredibly proud of our dental implant team here at our leading local clinic. So if you want the most secure and complete dental restoration possible, we can offer it with this innovative treatment!

Restore Your Smile With High Quality Dentures Provided By Darren Bywater Dental Care

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Our dedicated team in Derby is proud to offer high-quality dentures for optimum smile and functional restoration. We have the latest technology and fitting processes in place to provide you with the natural, comfortable and secure dentures you need to smile with confidence again.

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