All denture wearers can feel abandoned when they are provided with sub-standard, ill-fitting dentures. They feel their options are limited or have to consider implant retained dentures which may be outside their budget.

Here at Darren Bywater Dental Care your denture choices have just been improved. We are able to provide you with quality dentures on site by our own dental technicians, direct to you, in less than 24 hours, if required. We only provide the best, and therefore only consider using the best materials. We do not provide sub-standard materials at lesser costs. Our cost are budgeted to reflect a premium product at a competitive price.

Patients typically have to wait for their denture to be returned from an outside laboratory or have to consider repeated appointments between clinical dental technicians at one location and their own dentists at another. Here, none of this is a problem. In our unique practice you are able to see the dentist and the technician on the same day in the same surgery, at a time and day to suit, during practice opening hours.

We have diligently built up our reputation for quality.  For this reason, I use a leading denture system that offers a natural, attractive appearance, a high level of comfort and an exceptional fit.

We provide premium quality dentures that instill confidence and provide optimum function and comfort whilst eating, speaking or laughing.

We use premium denture teeth. They reflect light through several layers that mimic natural teeth. The quality materials resist wear, chipping and staining.

All our dentures have a 12 month guarantee.

If you feel implant stabilised dentures are within your budget, then again we are able to provide this for you here at the Practice.  We are renowned for being the East Midlands leading dental implant practice.

By anchoring your dentures in a fixed position using dental implants, you will have the complete security of knowing that your teeth will not move when you laugh, smile or talk. You will even be able to enjoy foods such as apples. This increasingly popular treatment option is more affordable than a having a large number of implants and can provide denture wearers with the freedom to smile.

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