What are Dental Implants

Tooth loss can often be avoided if you take good care of your teeth day to day. However, it can happen through dental disease or injury. The great news is that modern dentistry has some exceptional tooth restoration treatments available to restore your smile back to full health should you be unlucky enough to lose a tooth.

Dentures of course are a fantastic option, and crowns and bridges can also work well to replace missing teeth, but they aren't the ‘gold standard’ in tooth restoration any more.

The most innovative option for replacing missing teeth in modern dentistry is dental implants. Often the most desirable choice for most patients, a dental implant can fully replace the tooth root, providing a sturdy anchor for single implant crowns, implant retained dentures or bridges. 

Darren Bywater Dental Care is proud to offer this incredible dental restoration treatment, offering patients the closest looking and feeling replacement to their natural smile currently available.

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a direct replacement for the root of the tooth, the part that sits beneath the gum line. It is placed into the jawbone and provides a base for the tooth replacement above the gum line. The term ‘dental implant’ describes the part under the gum line, but the entire replacement involves the implant (3), an abutment a part that connects the implant to the replacement tooth (2) and then another part which attaches to the abutment, which could be a bridge, crown or dentures (3).

The principal of a dental implant is to actively provide the same things your original tooth root did, stopping the jawbone degrading, and providing a strong base for your teeth which are as secure as they would have been if they were natural.

Implant Material

Dental implants are made from very pure titanium and the materials used are always chosen for optimum strength and to be as likely as possible to fuse with the jawbone to become a natural part of the body.

Dental Implants And Replacement Teeth

The dental implant is used to hold the replacement tooth above it, but sometimes you can support several teeth with one implant depending on where and how the implant is placed. These ‘multi-tooth’ options help to keep costs down, whilst still providing excellent results.

Implants su[[porting full bridge of teeth


Implant-Retained Bridges
When there are two or more teeth together that are being replaced we recommend the use of an implant bridge. Usually we can use two implants for this, one each end of the missing teeth and then a bridge in the middle. The bridge is fixed and permanent. Unlike with traditional bridges, the natural teeth that sit next to the missing teeth do not need to be prepared for crowns to support the bridge, as the support is provided by the dental implants.

Implant-Retained Dentures
Traditional dentures are placed next to the gum, sitting tightly to create suction along with denture adhesive for extra support. They can be partial or full and often need replacing regularly because the jawbone and teeth move and change with time. The fit is never as precise as it can be with implant-retained dentures, where implants are placed to secure the dentures firmly in place. Unlike permanent bridges, dentures are removable and can be disconnected from the implants for cleaning.

Why You May Need A Dental Implant

Opting for dental implants to replace missing teeth is now very popular and increasingly convenient. Replacing lost teeth is essential as it can prevent issues such as:

  • Lost smile aesthetics
  • Issues with speech
  • Issues with eating
  • Remaining natural teeth moving and becoming misaligned
  • Dental health issues related to misaligned teeth
  • Changes in the structure of the face due to missing teeth
  • Lack of confidence and easting ability through missing teeth


Dental implants replace the tooth root, whilst the parts on the top such as the crown, implant-retained dentures or bridges, replace the missing tooth or teeth. You may wish to have an implant for the most complete tooth replacement that looks and feels as natural as possible.

Who Is Suitable For Dental Implants?

Before implant treatment can be planned we offer an extensive consultation to check your suitability. Due to the cost and the healing process involved, we would only ever offer dental implants to patients with a high chance of the procedure being successful. Fortunately, implants are now successful for most people who wish to undergo the treatment.

During the consultation we can discuss and check all the factors that affect whether or not the treatment will be suitable including:

  • Cost - Implants are more costly than treatments like dentures because of the extent of the work involved. The costs may not suit the budget of all patients.
  • Bone - Your jawbone needs to have enough depth and density to hold the implant. If there isn't, bone grafting can be done, but that procedure comes with additional considerations.
  • Your health - Your health has a big impact on whether or not implants will be successful. Health conditions like diabetes and osteoporosis may hinder the healing process.
  • Your lifestyle habits - Smoking could directly limit the chance of healing with the implant process.
  • Oral health - Good oral hygiene has a huge impact on whether or not your implants will be successful. Active gum disease may also be a problem with implant healing and would need to be treated first.

A thorough consultation ensures that we go through all of these factors and perform relevant diagnostics. This is to ensure a treatment plan is offered that is designed to give you the best possible results.


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