Deciding on Your Treatment Options

Specialist Dentistry

Deciding upon your dental journey can be a daunting one. There are so many treatment options to choose from, with such varying costs.  In addition, nervous patients may associate a visit to any dental practice as a stressful experience.  

Here at Darren Bywater Dental Care we understand these concerns and needs.  Prior to any treatment a full examination is carried out together with routine xrays.  A review of the results with the patient is then carried out with pictorial and video aids to explain any complexity.

All treatment options are discussed from the outset to allow the patient to make an informed choice about their treatment. This can range from undertaking no treatment through to simple fillings or crown and bridgework of varying material choices, varying number of options to restore gaps from dentures bridgework or dental implants. Treatment is only undertaken if clinically necessary. 

Varying treatment plans will be produced each with printed estimates for the patient to take home, reflect upon and consider their options.  If further time is required for discussions, additional appointments can be made to discuss the plan with either the dentist or our treatment plan coordinator.

Be rest assured that your needs and concerns will be addressed from the outset prior to any treatment being undertaken.

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