All On 4 (Teeth In A Day)

All On 4, also known as ‘Teeth In A Day’ and ‘Teeth Now’ is a special technique used to completely replace an entire arch of teeth using dental implants, potentially in just one visit to our Derby implant clinic.

On the day you come in for the procedure, you can have the implants placed and tooth replacements fitted, following which the healing process can begin. Once the healing process is complete, your permanent replacement teeth are fitted to complete a brand new fully-functional smile.

Even if you have lost both arches of teeth, All On 4 can help. We can replace both arches of teeth with up to six implants per arch, placed in specific positions to ensure there is enough strength and stability so you can eat with confidence once more.

If you have struggled with uncomfortable dentures, missing teeth, a lack of confidence through an incomplete smile, or tooth replacements that never stay in place, All On 4 can help you. Our local, state-of-the-art clinic can replace your teeth and your missing confidence with this innovative treatment, offering a stable, secure, beautiful smile restoration, often in just one day.

How All On 4 Implants Differ From Single Implants

The All On 4 dental implant system is different to single implants because there are just 4 implants involved and those 4 implants support the entire arch of new teeth. If the same amount of teeth were being replaced with single implants we would need 10 implants or more. With All on 4, the system and placement of the implants is designed to create a very solid foundation without the need for implants to replace each missing tooth.

Key benefits of All On 4 dental implants include:

  • Less costly than individual implants
  • A quicker treatment than when more implants are required
  • Less visits to the dentist needed
  • Same day treatment so in some cases you can walk away from the clinic with a new smile straight away
  • Less invasive than treatments with more implants
  • Effective replacement of the missing tooth root
  • Natural and attractive looking smile
  • A secure, confident smile
  • The ability to talk and eat as you did before

How All On 4 Dental Implants Work

All On 4 is completed using four (or sometimes 6) titanium implants per arch. These implants are fitted into the jawbone to create a secure anchor for the bridge placed above the gum line to replace the missing teeth. All On 4 implants are also an excellent solution for patients who have some bone loss. Rather than lots of bone grafting being needed, which adds to the cost and treatment, All On 4 can work with jawbones which have lower density because of the type of implants used and the angle at which they are placed. The treatment is also targeted to the denser sections of the bone, so the placement is as effective as possible, providing you with a natural and secure smile designed to last.

The All On 4 Treatment

Consultation And Planning
We don't begin any treatment without a thorough consultation to ensure that All On 4 is right for you. Although the treatment is able to work around a less dense jawbone, we still want to ensure it is as likely as possible to succeed. For this reason we will do a CT scan and X-ray to check your oral health below the gum line.

This helps us to plan where to place the implants so they are in the most secure position. We will also discuss medical conditions, lifestyle choices and other factors that have to be considered before accepting you for treatment. We will also discuss alternatives with you to check that you know all your options and can make an informed decision before any treatment plan is made.

Once you are happy to go ahead we will take the necessary impressions to create your new teeth and then book you in for the day of treatment.

The Day Of Treatment
We will provide local anaesthetic and IV/ oral sedation if you have requested it before any work is done. We will then extract teeth if required and clean your mouth thoroughly ready for implant placement.

When the implants have been placed, we will attach the new bridge of teeth to complete your new smile. Understandably there will be some tenderness as a result of the minor surgery so you will not be able to use your new teeth for eating harder foods immediately. However, if you follow our aftercare instructions carefully, you will soon be eating, smiling and laughing normally, just as you would with a natural set of teeth!

Finally you will be provided with all the information you need to help you look after your new implants whilst they heal.

After Treatment
Following your All On 4 treatment you may have some swelling and bruising as well as some minor discomfort. In a short while this will pass and you will start to get used to your implants and new teeth. Our experienced team will make sure you have all the information you need to ensure you are as comfortable as possible, and to ensure your implants heal appropriately.

We will also book in appropriate check-ups with you to ensure your implants are healing properly and that your new teeth are settling in as expected.

Call Us To Discuss Advanced ‘New Teeth In A Day’

If you would love a brand new smile that looks and feels secure, natural and attractive and can be created in just one day, please get in touch. You can reach our friendly team on 01332 550926 to book a consultation at a time to suit you. Our dedicated implant dentists are here to help you get a stunning new smile restoration, in just one day!

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