Our popular local dental practice offers patients a comprehensive range of hygienist services to help maintain and enhance long-term oral health and hygiene. Our hygienist/therapists here at Darren Bywater Dental Care are passionate about gum disease prevention, but they also want to help prevent any dental issues that can be avoided with the right advice and techniques.

Each and every appointment is tailored to your needs and your hygienist will work hard to provide you with the support and information you need to maintain a healthy and happy smile.

Hygienist Services

Hygienists have a key focus on preventing gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK. However, their skill-set and training is broad and they can offer a wide range of treatments and services to patients including:

  • Gum disease treatment plans with or without dentist referral (advanced gum disease requires treatment from the dentist and the hygienist)
  • Deep cleaning (scale and polish) to remove build-ups of plaque, tartar and stains
  • Teeth whitening
  • Diagnostics following instruction from the dentist
  • Fissure sealants
  • Fluoride applications
  • Local anaesthetics following instruction from the dentist
  • Daily oral health regime advice, guidance and demonstrations

Your hygienist is able to provide lots of services to you independent of the dentist, including regular teeth cleaning. Most often the dentist and hygienist work together to provide you with the most effective treatment plan and some treatments and services do require guidance or authority from a dentist before they can be authorised.

Hygienists & Gum Disease Prevention

The leading cause of tooth loss in the UK is gum disease and hygienists are specially trained to help patients prevent it, or to treat it at different stages.

What Is Gum Disease?
Gum disease is where the gums are swollen, sore and infected and begins as gingivitis, but progresses to periodontal disease if left untreated.

Initially it causes inflammation of the gums, and may cause soreness and bleeding whilst brushing, but eventually it can lead to the bones which anchor the teeth degrading, causing wide scale tooth loss and damage. Gum disease has also been linked to major health issues such as heart disease and even Alzheimer’s.

What Causes Gum Disease?
Gum disease is caused by plaque which builds up on the teeth and gums if the teeth are not brushed properly. Plaque is made up from bacteria which eat the sugary food debris we don't brush away. The bacteria eat the sugar and emit an acid which irritates the gums and attacks the enamel on the teeth. If plaque is not removed it turns into tartar which is hardened and requires professional removal.

How Hygienists Help With Gum Disease Prevention And Management
The hygienist can help you perfect your brushing technique and adjust lifestyle and eating habits to prevent gum disease occurring; however if it does occur, that doesn't mean you have to live with it.

If our dentist diagnoses you with early gum disease they will refer you to our hygienist who is trained to help you prevent it progressing further. The hygienist can use special tools and techniques to perform a thorough clean of the teeth and gums. Most importantly, she will be able to show you how to adjust your oral health regime to prevent the gum disease from getting worse.

In some instances you may need several gum disease management appointments with the hygienist if the dentist has created a bespoke plan for you. If gum disease has progressed, you may need to see our specialist periodontist for more advanced treatment.

Healthy Gums
Periodontal Diesease
Advanced Periodontal Diesease

Hygienist Appointments For Special Occasions

You can also book an appointment with our hygienist for a one-off, special occasion appointment.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening treatments can be an amazing boost for confidence, especially if you have struggled with the colour of your teeth for a long time. In just one session we can provide you with a treatment that boosts the whiteness of your teeth by several shades. This can be a really great way to perfect your smile aesthetic. We also provide at-home whitening but this typically takes place over a few weeks. We may require that you attend a consultation with the dentist before whitening can take place.

Stain Removal
Our hygienist also provides an effective stain removal treatment to combat deep stains and marks on the teeth. The special tools and techniques used are designed to freshen the teeth and if you have a lot of stains and tartar, the treatment can create a significant improvement to the way your smile looks. This is an ideal treatment to have before an important event such as a business presentation, wedding or party.

Booking An Appointment With Our Derby Hygienist For Professional Oral Hygiene Advice

If you would like tailor-made support and advice to help you with your daily oral hygiene habits, please do get in touch with Darren Bywater Dental Care to make an appointment with one of our skilled hygienists. You can reach us on 01332 550926 for more information and to book an appointment. Our exceptional hygiene services are designed to help patients maintain the healthiest and happiest smile now, and long-term, avoiding and minimising painful, damaging and costly oral problems in the future.

Booking A Private Hygiene Appointment

You can book an appointment with the hygienist without having to see the dentist first. In some instances you may need to see the dentist, but we can let you know over the ‘phone when you let us know what the appointment is for.

In the case of a scale and polish, additional oral hygiene support and general teeth cleaning and health management, you can usually see the hygienist for a private appointment without having to see a dentist first. This makes your oral health treatment with our local clinic even more convenient and easy to access!

Clean healthy smiles