Family Dentistry

High Quality Treatments For All Ages

Darren Bywater Dental Care is proud to provide a complete range of professional treatments for all the family in a modern and comfortable environment.

We strive to provide the very highest standards of dental care for your family by investing in ongoing training for our team, along with the latest equipment and treatments. We also pride ourselves on offering our valued patients a caring and accommodating environment within our local Derby dental clinic. With each visit you know you can expect the very best in high quality dental care and friendly faces too!


Excellent Family Dental Care In Derby

Our well-equipped local clinic offers a comprehensive range of family dental care treatments including, but not limited to:

Dental Check-ups

We ask our patients to visit us as often as the dentist has requested, which is usually every six months.

When you visit us for a check-up you can expect a thorough and complete check of your gums, teeth and soft tissues in and around the mouth. We will carry out an oral cancer check as standard as we are trained to notice any unusual symptoms in the mouth that could suggest cancer is present. The earlier cancer is detected, the higher your chance of successful treatment.

We will also have a chat with you about any changes in health or medication, diet or lifestyle that could be having an effect on your oral health. We might also complete some diagnostics like X-rays to look at what is going on beneath the gum line.

Your check-up is also a good time to mention any problems you may have been having with your teeth, gums or jaw. You might also want to speak to us about any smile improvements you are interested in if cosmetic dentistry is on your mind. We can give you more information and let you know if you need a consultation or not.

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Custom Mouth Guards

Darren Bywater Dental Care offers custom mouth guards to help protect the teeth and gums from sports injury. These are particularly useful for those who take part in contact sports like rugby or martial arts. We also provide custom mouth guards to help prevent snoring and teeth grinding at night.

Our custom mouth guards are bespoke to the shape of your teeth and gums, offering a higher degree of protection compared to ready-made and 'mould-yourself' type mouth guards available online and in shops. They may be slightly more expensive but they’re well worth it to prevent dental injury.

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For patients who have one or more missing teeth we have a wide range of effective denture options available. When missing teeth are not treated the face can age, the jawbone can degrade and eating and talking can be more difficult.

Well-fitted, natural-looking and high-quality dentures are fantastic smile restoration option and we are pleased to offer partial or complete dentures depending on your needs.

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Hygienist Appointments

Our professional clinic offers a complete range of dental hygienist services for effective prevention of common oral health issues like gum disease. Our hygienist can offer services such as:

  • A complete dental hygiene examination to check for plaque, tartar, gum inflammation and bleeding
  • A thorough clean of the teeth (also known as a scale and polish) to remove stains, plaque build-up and other debris
  • Detailed advice on your day to day oral health regime, along with demonstrations, recommendations and support based on your individual needs
  • Some fluoride treatments
  • Some cosmetic dentistry treatments such as whitening
  • Specific gum disease treatment after referral from the dentist


Our hygienist services can be part of a referral from the dentist or booked privately by you for additional oral health support.

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Fillings And Extractions

Our main focus is prevention and helping you to maintain the healthiest, happiest smile for as long as possible. However, dental decay or injury can happen and may cause you to require a dental filling. Fillings stabilise and strengthen the teeth and we offer both silver and cosmetic white fillings depending on your preference.

Tooth Extraction
If a tooth has been injured or degraded and decayed past the point of treatment, we may need to extract it. We can do this painlessly and efficiently to minimise discomfort. We also have a wide range of restorative dentistry treatments so that you don't have to live with an incomplete smile following your tooth extraction.

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy (also known as endodontics) is a treatment that is needed when the tissue and nerves inside the tooth become infected. If the infection is not removed it will continue to cause damage and lots of pain. During one or several treatments we will remove all of the infected pulp and then replace it with dental material. In some instances a crown may be used to fully restore the tooth.


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Darren Bywater Dental Care is proud to offer the official Invisalign treatment plan for patients. The plan provides a discreet, convenient and effective straightening process that results in a beautifully aligned smile, without the issues commonly associated with traditional braces.

Patients with more complex orthodontic needs may require alternative treatments which we can discuss with you during your consultation with us. We will always provide you with your complete treatment options along with transparent pricing information.

In the instance we can't provide certain treatments, we can refer you to the appropriate specialist.

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Nervous Patient Support

If you have dental anxiety or get particularly nervous about visiting the dentist, we can accommodate your needs. We have various support methods to help you get the dental treatment you deserve. If you have a nervous child, we have a therapist specially trained to care and treat your child in a calm environment.

Our therapist can perform dental treatments like extractions and fillings if your child needs them and in such a way that helps your child to feel comfortable and relaxed. This way they will be much more open and accepting of future dental visits.

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Speak To Our Friendly Local Team About Family Dental Care!

We really do try to go above and beyond to provide modern, professional and effective dental treatment for the whole family. Please get in touch with us on 01332 550926 for more information and to book an appointment.

With a comprehensive selection of treatments and services, a dedicated team, and a well-equipped practice, we will be pleased to help you and your family maintain happy, healthy smiles now, and into the long-term.

On rare occasions we refer patients to appropriate specialists if we are unable to perform certain treatments at the practice. Our primary goal is to help maintain our patient's oral health - now and long term. We are committed to first class dental care for all the family.

We invite you to contact our experienced dental team for more information and to arrange an initial consultation.

Caring for your family's dental health