Virus killer
Virus killer

New Safety Protocols and Facilities

National lockdown - we are still open and will be staying open for all continuing care, necessary and emergency appointments for all our own NHS and private and referral patients. Those that are shielding or vulnerable who need urgent dental treatment will be referred on to specialist dental sites. 

Understandably, we are having a lot of calls, emails and queries from patients asking if we will be shutting down as we did in March, but we are  COVID secure and have been since June 2020, therefore we are continuing to see patients. 

We are an essential healthcare service and we have had confirmation from the government as well as the Chief dental officer that we are to continue services as normal. 

Please contact the practice if you have any questions regarding the current national lockdown and our practice, or you would like to make a new appointment or rearrange your appointment.

Remember you will still be triaged for Covid symptoms and if deemed Covid positive will be referred to our regional covid positive dental sites for urgent dental care.

There is a new standard protocol for patient attendance at our practice and I would like you to read the information below prior to your booked attendance.

Patient Protocol for Attending the Practice

There is a new protocol for patient attendance in order to meet social distancing and protection of the vulnerable whilst at Darren Bywater Dental Care.

We would be very grateful if you would adhere to this new guidance for your protection and for a smooth patient journey.

Appointment Confirmation:

  1. You should make your appointment by telephone, emaiI or by our new online booking service. This will reduce the need for unnecessary travel to and from the surgery.
  2. Once an appointment is registered on our system you will receive both a text and an email inviting you to fill in a number of forms. You should fill in all these forms as they will prepopulate our system automatically. This will save you filling out any forms back at the practice and reduce contact exposure.

Arriving at the Dental Practice:

  1. Do not attend the practice if you are displaying signs of covid-19 . Current government guidelines suggest 1. A new continuous cough 2. High temperature 3. Loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell are signs of covid-19 status.
  2. Attend the practice with your own face covering.
  3. Once arrived call the practice or make known by other means, that you are here.
  4. When you attend the practice, we will ask you to stay in your car. You will be collected by one of our nurses. Leave as much of your personal items in your car as possible. There will be no useable toilet facilities on premises for the time being.
  5. If you arrive by any other means than a car, wait outside the practice till called in.  
  6. Your nurse will be your chaperone throughout your visit.
  7. Once called, your nurse will collect you, take your temperature. If your temperature is above 37.8 degrees we will advise you to return back home and follow government guidelines. If your temperature is below 37.8 degrees you will be bought into the practice.
  8. Your nurse will chaperone you through our one-way system straight to your surgery.  
  9. You will be asked to carry out hand hygiene at one of our stations within the practice.
  10. You will either check in via our remote check-in service using your QR code that you would have acquired by filling in your forms at home, or via our receptionist.
  11. You will be taken straight into surgery where your dentist will be ready to see you.

Your Dental Appointment:

  1. Your dentist and nurse may be wearing various guises of PPE that you may not be used to. Do not be alarmed, this is normal practice to ensure your safety and that of our staff.
  2. Your dental appointment may consist of treatment that is carried out in one of our specially adapted surgeries. The treatment time will be increased to account for our additional covid-19 decontaminant procedures. We would be grateful if you could bear with us that your appointment may be longer than normal.

At Reception:

  1. Once your dental appointment is completed, your nurse may ask you to step outside the surgery and wait on a yellow spot or in a social distanced chair in the waiting area.
  2. Always maintain 2 meter social distance whilst waiting for your nurse.
  3. Your nurse will guide you to the reception where your appointment will be concluded. We have contactless payment system on your side of the splash screen.
  4. There are further opportunities to carry out hand hygiene whilst in the practice
  5. Any other appointments will be made and your nurse will direct you out of the building.
Main Entrance
Main patient entrance
Practice Entrance
Please read instructions on the door
Please read Covid-19 guidance
In reception
Hand Sanitiser
In reception
Reception Desk
Perspex Screens
Please maintain social distancing
Waiting Room
Please maintain social distancing
Virus killer
In reception area
Virus Killer
In surgery
Practice zoning
Covid Vulnerable Patients
Entrance for Covid Vulnerable Patients
Please follow the signs
Practice zoning
Entrance for Covid Vulnerable Patients
Practice zoning
Entrance for Covid Vulnerable Patients
Hand sanitiser
For Covid Vulnerable Patients
Covid Vulnerable Patients
Entrance to The Practice
In the surgery
Staff wearing PPE
In the surgery
Staff wearing PPE
In the surgery
Patients wear mask until asked to remove this
Contactlass Payment
In reception

Our progress so far

  1. Radic 8 Virus killer in all surgeries and waiting rooms. Radic 8 Virus Killer is leading the global air filter against airborne and droplet covid-19 virus. Kill rate of coronavirus at 99.99999%. Combines a  pre filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon and the reactor cell of 8 super UVC lamps with 40 TiO2 hexagon filters makes it the ultimate solution for eradicating coronavirus and other agents. The Radic 8 Virus killers can filter 60 to 100 cubic sq meters of air in 4 to 6 minutes.
  2. Air Extraction System We have incorporated air extraction systems far in excess of 16 air exchanges per hour allowing our fallow time to be 15mins.
  3. Practice zoning. It is important that a dental practice currently protects vulnerable patients (over 70, medical history), from unnecessary exposure to covid-19 . Vulnerable patients still need dental care and at Darren Bywater Dental Care we have zoned the whole of the practice in order to keep vulnerable patients safe. There is a separate entrance, reception, waiting room, and surgeries designated for vulnerable patients in order that they do not come in to contact with other patients during their visit.
  4. Contactless patient journey: At Darren Bywater Dental Care we have invested in a contactless patient journey involving completing all your dental forms remotely at home, booking your own appointments on-line, self-check in, and contactless payment.
  5. Correct PPE to protect the patients and the staff. Complete surgery room disinfection between patients using vaporised disinfection technology.
  6. Dental distancing with it the practice by 2 meters
  7. Disinfection stations throughout the practice.
  8. Practice protocols that reduces the number of patients within the practice at any one time.
  9. Reception splash guards to protect the patients and reception staff. 
  10. Work is now completed and Darren Bywater dental care can be deemed fully COVID Secure.


Darren and the team at Darren Bywater Dental Care

The photographs show current work in progress, these will be updated as the projects progress.

The CQC has recognised Darren Bywater Dental Care as meeting Best Practice Standards